Government concedes need for GMP reform in wake of edible oil scandal

Published on June 27, 2017

Good Manufacturing Practice is a set of guidelines meant to ensure consumers that the products they use and consume are safe. The government concedes that major reforms are needed after products certified under the GMP system were shown to be tainted or adulterated in the edible oil scandal. The government’s GMP standards are being revisited in the face of the oil scandal. First, the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced that both Formosa Oilseed and Wei Chuan would lose certification and have to remove the GMP logo from the labels of oil products.Next, it will introduce stricter rules at other companies. It will take an all-or-nothing approach toward certification, meaning all products of a certain category must meet GMP standards for any to be certified. Chiang Huei-chenKMT LegislatorGe

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