Prevent, Survive, Thrive – Dr. John West Talks About His New Book on Breast Cancer

Published on June 14, 2017

Breastlink founder Dr. John West talks about his latest book “Prevent, Survive, Thrive,” which explains the basics of breast health, breast care, and breast cancer.

Dr. West was inspired to write his book because of the number of controversies around breast care and breast cancer. Even the doctors are confused sometimes. The biggest controversy he addresses is the government’s new mammogram guidelines, which recommend women wait until they’re 50 to start receiving screening mammograms. Dr. West explains why they’re mistaken and why starting mammograms at 40 will save women’s lives. He also addresses concerns over dense breasts, breast self-exams, and cell phones.

Dr. West was also concerned by delayed diagnosis, the most serious problem he’s faced in his medical career. He dedicated his book to the memory of one young woman, Michele Watson, whose doctors failed to diagnose her breast cancer for two years. By the time they realized their mistake, her cancer had metastasized and spread to the rest of her body. Breast cancer survival rates are very high if the cancer is detected early. If Michele’s doctors had acted sooner, she would probably be alive today. “Prevent, Survive, Thrive” gives women the knowledge they need to talk to their doctors and advocate for their own health if they think something’s wrong.

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