Steak & Eggs Diet

Published on June 5, 2017

This diet will show you how to lose pounds in just days! It’s a simple recipe

Have you ever been on a restrictive diet, and found out that it just doesn’t work for you?

Or have you ever tried different gimmicks, such as a juice fast, and find that the weight was so hard to lose, and eventually comes back? Then you definitely have to give this diet a shot!

The simplest and fastest way to lose body fat fast is the Steak and Eggs diet! This diet was invented by Vince Gironda, who was a mentor to bodybuilding legends Arnold Schwarznegger and Larry Scott. All the thinking and calculations you have to do on this meal plan is literally how many pounds of steak and how many eggs you want to eat each meal.

But wait, isn’t eating only Steak and Eggs unhealthy?

No! Steak and eggs are both highly nutritious, and both have vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

A 4 oz steak has all over 100% of Vitamin B-12, 40% of Iron, 70% of Vitamin B-6, 40% of zinc, and 40% of your daily recommend servings of selenium. All this isn’t including all the other vitamins and minerals that are in beef, and this is in just 4 ounces of beef.

One egg has 5% of Vitamin A, 10% of Vitamin D, and has other minerals essential to our bodies. And this is just ONE egg.

Hold up, won’t I get fat eating all this saturated fat?

No, eating fat doesn’t make you fat; eating simple sugars make you fat. There are plenty of scientific studies out there that disprove the notion that eating saturated animal fats clogs your arteries.

What about all the other vitamins and minerals I need?

On your cheat day make sure you eat some nutritious leafy greens and nutritious fruit to get any of the vitamins or minerals your body needs for proper nutrition. You don’t have to eat a lot for your body to get what it needs.

Won’t I be hungry all the time eating only 2 meals?

Fat and Protein are both slow for your body to digest; you will NOT be hungry staying on this diet.

How long should you stay on this diet?

As long as you need to lose excess fat.

How easy is the Steak and Eggs diet?

Literally, this is what you do:

You eat steak. And then you eat eggs. All with as much butter as you want. You do this for 5 days.

Then on the 6th day, you eat whatever you want. Lather, rinse, repeat. This is all that there is to the diet.

Meal 1 you eat 3/4 – 1 1/2 pounds of steak, along with 4-6 eggs. You cook both in as much butter as you like. Sear and season it any way you like. Don’t worry about the calories.

For Meal 2 you do exactly the same. That’s it. No carbs, no veggies, no snacks, nothing else. You can drink water and black coffee or unsweetened tea. That’s it.

On your cheat day you can eat whatever you like.

You CANNOT modify this diet, or you may not lose fat, or even worse, you can poison your body with a high protein no fat diet. You MUST eat fat with a high protein low carb diet, or else you poison your body!

Good luck with your fat loss goals, and watch your fat melt off with the Steak and Eggs diet!

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