The CPC Practice Exam Medical Coding Guide Is a Must to Prepare For Your Exam

Published on July 4, 2017

The CPC Practice Exam Medical Coding Guide has helped a lot of people.
Now for those of you who don’t know what the Certified Professional Coding (CPC) test is like or what to expect, here’s some other tips:

– You can take your books and you can write whatever notes you want to write; you just can’t have any loose paper (outside of Post-It notes for tabs). I tabbed the dodo out of my book and got REALLY familiar with each section so I’d know at least where to turn
on each question.

– Know the guidelines and the ICD-9/CPT. Don’t try to learn everything but know where to go to look for the right answer. It’s open book so make use of it!

– Don’t try to answer the question cold turkey; use the answers listed as possibilities to start narrowing it down to just two or three. Doing this means less time looking up codes and more time spent passing the test!

– Relax. I know that’s hard to imagine doing but your brain works so much better when it’s not in panic mode. Visualize you passing this bad boy and celebrating with a night on the town or a spa day. Deep breaths and focus on one question at a time, you’ve got this!

You will need to pass the AAPC Certified Professional Coder exam, or CPC exam, in order to get your medical coding certification. Having your certification will increase your chances of getting hired and increase your earnings. As you study for the test you should work through as many CPC exam questions as possible. Try the free CPC practice exam to get started…

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