Top Secret Nutrition Fat Burner Review | Jitter Free And Effective?

Published on June 17, 2017


Top Secret Nutrition Fat Burner Review

Having a stimulant free yet effective fat burner seems like only a dream. Top Secret Nutrition claims to accomplish this with their TSN Fat Burner. Let’s see what the label states.

It states that this supplement helps to reduce carbohydrate absorption, supports mood while dieting, targets fat as an energy source, provides jitter free energy, and provides thermogenesis. This looks pretty good so far, let’s see if this product does what it says. Time for some social proof.

Reported Pro’s:
1) Jitter free
2) Quick fat loss
3) Flexible consumption timings
4) Value for money

Reported Con’s:
1) Some don’t find it overly effective

When it comes to the ratings, here we see provides 52 ratings scoring 8.0. Supplement has… 0, that’s unfortunate. Oh well, this gives us a total of 52 ratings averaging a score of 8.0
To understand this product better, let’s look at the active ingredients.

Guarana Extract (supplying 33mg caffeine)
– The guarana herb originates from Brazil, where it has been long used by native tribesmen for its energy content.
– Guarana seeds contain large amounts of caffeine and are now used in the commercial production of energy drinks and supplements.
– In addition to caffeine there are several other chemicals.
– Together they all help in improving alertness, boosting endurance and increasing fat loss.

Green Tea Extract
– Green Tea extract is a natural anti-oxidant and also has an important role in reducing body fat.
– Excessive green tea is however not good for your health and is not recommended.

ENDUROTROPIN Metabolic Signaling Matrix™
– This blend contains several amino acids which stimulate the metabolism in your body to get rid of excess fat.
– L-Citrulline Malate is present in the matrix and helps to reduce muscle fatigue allowing for longer workout sessions.

ACAIGEN Antioxidant Cellular Support™
– A mix of extracts from natural fruits including acai berries, pomegranate and grapes.
– These anti-oxidants are essential for good cellular health and help to keep the body healthy during fat reduction routines.

FULLINATE-CCK Appetite Control & Glucose Support Complex™
– Includes ingredients like R-Alpha Lipoic Acid and Salaretin which encourages glucose metabolism to reduce stored carbohydrates in the body.
– As a result fats stores are broken down for energy use.

Final Verdict
Though this fat burner doesn’t look to be that popular, it seems decently effective for those who have tried it. Benefits include.
– Jitter free energy
– Quick fat loss
– Good value
– Flexible dosing schedule
The one draw back here is
– Some don’t find it that effective
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