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Published on July 5, 2017

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I’m here to offer you with some excellent and useful nutrition details that you are going to be able to use immediately. I am not going to hold anything back!

Let me start with sharing with you my “3 miracle secrets” that many of my clients are receiving to rid themselves of their first 5-10 lbs in merely 2-3 weeks. I’ll start off with a quick tale about my dad and a conversation I had with him this very last summer.
The family and I spent this specific Sunday at my cousin’s home bbq’ing and had a very good time. Now there are two issues which are guaranteed to happen at my cousin’s functions: LOTS OF FOOD and plenty of fun and Laughter!

And then, just as we are gulping down on beef, fish and poultry, burgers and wieners, and I promise that I was not the one consuming all of the hot dogs. My dad came up to me and said “Hey Charlene. Your mother says her knees have not been hurting any longer like they did last time we were here. My knees are really bothering me though. What do you believe is wrong with them?” He’s saying all this while he’s still gulping down on his second hot dog and coca cola.

With a look of worry in his eyes my uncle Frank interrupted and said that he has something important to tell us immediately. Recently your wife and my sister dropped 30 lbs. That is 30 less pounds of bodyweight that their knees have to carry that load everywhere. So of course they are feeling better. Now if you lose some of those extra pounds yourself, I guarantee you that your knees will completely stop bothering you.”

Frank at this point seems like he had wished that he had simply talked to us about the weather, the leaps in science, the coming election or whatever, but instead he informed my dad that he needs to shed some pounds & loose weight.

Then he said; “Charlene, I am 62 years of age and I have been this fat for a very long time. I wouldn’t even know how to get started or even how can I lose weight.”

So I provided him with 3 simple guidelines to adhere to. These are my miracle magic points for obtaining your metabolic rate in to the fat shedding mode.

Frank, adhere to these three simple rules and I assure you, no, I promise you, that you will drop at least 10 pounds in the next 14 days with or without diet meals & some simple easy recipes.

1. Firstly, only drink water and NOTHING else! What about coffee? Well, only to keep any possible withdrawal headaches that may come. Just one little cup of natural dark-colored java is ok. Can you add any half & half…Is it white?

2. Do not eat anything that is white-colored. Just think about most foods that are white in color and the probability is that you shouldn’t be consuming it. Particularly, I’m referring to white-colored breads, sugar, glucose, pasta, and most dairy products. Sensible meals like cauliflower, poultry, like chicken, turkey, seafood are all exceptions to this particular rule. Depending on Frank’s present dietary habits, I did not think he would be too concerned about cauliflower in any case.

3. Do not consume anything at all with the term wheat in the ingredients. But what if it is whole wheat? If the word begins with W and stops in T and has the characters h-e-a in between, then you can not eat it.

Frank decided that he was up for the task. He’d do anything to make his joint suffering go away and make his niece quit lecturing.

I suggest you adhere to these same guidelines for the following 14 days. No, better yet, for the rest of your lifetime. You will definitely astonish yourself with your outcome. Keep in mind, no white-colored foods, with the exception of the very few I described above. Remember only drink water and do not consume any wheat products.

I assure you that this is not how you will have to eat in the future to be able to lose weight and keep it off. However, I do know that this is a fantastic way to boost your metabolic rate and see some early bodyweight come off a bit quicker.

I will continue to explain exactly in my e-course what scrumptious foods and which yummy meals that you will be able to enjoy eating and still maintain your body on a fat burning mode in overdrive.

So, stay tuned in, and do not let one more day go by without looking and feeling as excellent as I know that you can! And do not wait until you have consumed all of the food in your refrigerator or eaten up all of the food in your kitchen.

It just isn’t worth the wait! If you commit to this e-course and your new amazing body right now, then I guarantee that the outcomes will be well worth it. I will be here to provide all of the details to you and assist you along the way.

Are you sick & tired of diets that don’t work? You can claim your FREE video here:

In pleasure & health,

Charlene Cartwright
Certified Nutritionist
Certified Exercise Specialist

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