Does Garcinia Cambogia Really Work? Truth Exposed

Published on February 5, 2017

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Hello, this is Ali Rangwala, and in this short video I’ll explain the truth about Garcinia Cambogia, why it might not be what you’re really looking for, and why that doesn’t matter.

Let’s cut right to the chase; fact is the jury is still out about Garcinia. Some studies suggest it has very useful weight loss properties, while other studies are inconclusive. But of course the people in the weight loss industry don’t care about that; they happily present it as certain to solve your problem because, let’s face it, they’re in it for the money.

So to be clear, Garcinia is probably useful, which is why Dr Oz and other medical celebrities have endorsed it. But the crucial thing you need to understand is that its potential usefulness is only in conjunction with making lifestyle changes. Because if you start taking Garcinia and make no other changes to your lifestyle, you probably won’t lose any weight. If you want your body to change, you need to change what you’re doing in a much more significant way than just adding Garcinia to your diet. The weight loss industry is notorious for pushing the idea that you can make one extremely simple change, something as easy as taking a couple of pills every day, and you’ll weight as a result. They say that because it’s the easiest way to sell stuff.

It would certainly be nice if there was such a solution, but if you’re serious about losing the weight you need to face the uncomfortable fact that there is no such thing. It’s perfectly natural to like easy answers, there’s nothing wrong with that, but we get into trouble when we insist on easy answers, because then we decline real working answers just because they aren’t a walk in the park, and so we miss out on the incredible benefits we can get from solving our most pressing problems.

The whole Garcinia hoopla is just one part of the ongoing confusions in the weight loss space. Most people don’t achieve their goals because they get caught up in the whole weight loss thing – they learn how to lose weight from an industry whose focus is on making money, not on results. It follows then that if you’re serious about results, your best bet is to keep your distance from the weight loss industry. I can tell you without any hesitation that you can lose all the weight you want to without spending a single penny. I’ll prove that to you when you head over to You’ll get the complete, no holds barred truth about weight loss; you’ll learn how to lose the weight and keep it off for life, and it’s all absolutely free. You’ll find a link to it right below this video.

And make no mistake – just because it’s free while everything else costs something doesn’t mean it isn’t the best. It’s easily the most effective weight loss solution you will ever have got your hands on – I’ll bet dollars to donuts you agree with me about that by the time you’re done with it. Get started right now, because the sooner you start the sooner you’ll begin to see results.

Thanks very much for watching, I wish you a great day, take care.

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