Garcinia Cambogia Full Review – Week 1 Summary

Published on February 16, 2017

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Hi Guys. I received my order of Garcinia Cambogia today. I was really leery about ordering it because I had heard that so many people had ordered these things from different websites and some never got it, others got it four weeks later, some where charged and didn’t get it for weeks or like I said they didn’t get it at all. So I called the customer service of and they assured me that I would be getting it with in 5 business days, but it’s already here in 3 business days. I heard about Garcinia Cambogia at the Dr. Oz show and how it suppresses your appetite and it keeps fat from metabolizing and so I ordered it. Let’s open it up and see. The reason I ordered it was because I am older and the doctor said I need to lose weight. So after calling them I went to their website because they said, the lady told me in customer service that they are having a promotion and I bought 3 bottles and I got 2 for free. So that should be a months supply and I ordered it from So it’s a 5 month supply. Use as a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule twice daily, thirty minutes before meals with an 8oz glass of water. I will be uploading videos weekly so follow me on youtube to see my progress with Garcinia.

Hi Im Maritza I just started using this Garcinia Cambogia.
I don’t even know how to pronounce this thing, all I know is that it’s a big capsule. I hate swallowing things but this capsule not bad. It went down pretty easily. I’m over 55 and have been trying to lose weight for a long time, and I heard that this is supposed to be good so I tried it. The one thing I did notice, even the very first time I used it is that it did make me full. I started eating, I took it 30 minutes prior to eating, I started eating and I was full. Normally I eat like a bite and got back and get another refill and when know ones looking I go and get a little more and sneak something in. That’s my dog. Anyways I have a beagle so excuse the howling, but last night when I did it again, because I’ve only taken it a couple times I was full. I only had the one small bowl of fried rice with some chicken and I was full and I was happy til the next morning. So I’m going to give it a try and ill let you guys know how it goes a week from now. Bye.

Its me again. I got this Garcinia Cambogia from and I told you yesterday that I started this program of taking this 30 minutes before I eat and I’ve done it so I just want to weigh in so we can see my progress here. Of course I’ve only had it for a couple days, lets see what I weigh. Ok. 188.5 and we will weigh again soon and then maybe in 30 days ill come back and let you know. I probably wont let you see this video until I’ve actually lost weight. So ill try this again for another few days and weigh myself again and then I’ll let you know. Bye

Hi Im back. Ive been using the Garcinia Cambogia which I got at and it’s been a week now and we want to see the results. So I’ve been taking it 30 minutes with a glass of water right before I eat and I haven’t done anything else. I should probably do exercise and watch what I eat more, but I want to weigh in and lets take a look. Last week it was 188.5 I believe so lets see what the results are. Oh my goodness its 183.5. 183.5 I’m so excited! I haven’t done anything, I haven’t exercised, I have’t done anything just using the Garcinia. I am so excited. I hope you guys try it. I’m really excited I can’t believe how happy I am. Try it it doesn’t hurt and I think im going to order some more.

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