Does Dr Oz Really Endorse Garcinia Cambogia Extract? Dr Oz Garcinia Cambogia Review

Published on May 5, 2017


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So Have you heard about the Dr Oz Garcinia Cambogia Extract Supplement?

If you are trying to lose weight and you are interested in weight loss supplements, then it is highly likely that you’ve heard about the garcinia cambogia dr oz extract for weight loss.

Made popular by the famous Dr Oz on his TV show (the dr oz garcinia cambogia full episode), this extract comes from a small pumpkin shaped fruit that grows in India and Southeast Asia. (Here’s the full article: )

Now Dr Oz is a famous personality and when his speaks or endorses any kind of product, his viewers listen. This ALWAYS results in an rise in sale for the particular product that he recommended. Which is why we have a lot of persons searching for ‘dr oz garcinia cambogia review’.

Now the question that you maybe asking, which maybe the reason you found this video is: Did Dr Oz Endorse Garcinia Cambogia Extract as a weight loss supplement?


Did Dr Oz Recommend Garcinia Cambogia Extract?

To answer this question, let us delve a little deeper into the video in which dr oz introduce this fruit as the “fastest fat buster” to his audience.

Did Dr Oz Recommend Garcinia To His Audience/Viewers?

In a 3 part video series (videos were on Dr Oz’s website but at the time of making this video, the videos are no longer available.) Dr Oz brought on a doctor by the name of Dr Julie Chen.

Apparently, Dr Chen have been studying the garcinia cambogia extract fruit extract for sometime which makes her knowledgeable to share how it works and other findings.

To start the video, Dr Oz explained that he has been getting numerous questions from both family and friends about what is the easiest and fastest way to lose weight. He then introduces Garcinia Cambogia extract as the newest, fastest fat buster.

In the video, Dr Chen stated that aside from being one of the safest weight loss supplements, dr oz garcinia cambogia is among the cheapest and will get rid of fat for good.

Sounds amazing right?

Well here’s how dr Chen says Garcinia Cambogia Extract works:

From the video in which dr oz endorsed garcinia cambogia, we learned that it works in 3 main ways according to Dr Chen.

1. Garcinia Cambogia Suppresses Appetite – As a result of this, people taking the supplement will eat less, which makes it easier to create a calorie deficit, which is the main way to lose weight.

2. Garcinia Extract Boost Serotonin levels – This is the feel good hormone in the brain. The higher the levels, the less likely are a person to indulge in emotional eating.

3. Garcinia blocks the production of fat from carbs. – How this works is that the HCA extract in garcinia (GCE) inhibits the enzyme citric lyase and as a result our bodies are forces to use the carbs we consume for energy instead of storing it as fats.

From the video, It is clear that the answer to the question: Does Dr Oz Endorse garcinia Cambogia Extract is YES.

However, be careful because there are a lot of fake brands circulating and Dr Oz did not recommend any specific band.

So if you are ready to try garcinia cambogia to lose weight, head over to our website here: to see which is the best brand of garcinia cambogia for you.

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