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Published on June 15, 2017

First garcinia i ever reviewed ARX FAST Weight Loss Pills Extra Strength Weight Loss Supplement Appetite Suppressant Fat Burner Diet Pills Metabolism Booster 100% All Natural Weight Loss MADE IN USA. Course there are many companies that are all natural which you can try, and make sure to ask your doctor before starting ANY diet, I just wanted to let you all know my personal opinion on what works exactly for me and how it works to help you along on your weight loss journey and what i have found exactly works for me, it may not work for you but it will give you a helpful hint and tip on which one is best for you
(ARX was my original product i tried and loved)

ok so with all the hipe going on again i decided to try another garcinia product and as i am trying each i am noticing weight gain and loss, i’ll explain you lose when you are on a diet low carb with the 60% ect with it and regain when you stop all 60 and 80% like any other diets the lower the HCA the more chance of you gaining the weight back, now i am not saying all garcinia i tried are fail not in the least the object of these is to get you moving and the 60% does do that however your weight loss is extremely low, as to where the first product i tested was like this 80%.

i have to say again i am losing the weight but at what cost to only gain it again in the future? is it a gimmick no not if you factor in the less of the hard work you have to put in the 80%, is there a huge gap between 60 and 80 yes there is the 60 can make you have extreme headaches because it gives you more energy but less of the actual HCA and garcinia to those who don’t know absorbed into your system. So what am i learning? I am learning that HCA levels with the products need to be higher than 60% for you to see weight loss without working out unless you have a high energy formula that makes you get up, also manufacturing of it does make a huge deal some companies have different ways of actually refining there products. Now this can be good or bad, some of the products i have tested game me instant weight loss already but that way only due to the fact i have been taking garcinia back to back

So how to know if a product is good? Well like i said be your own bodys judge you cant expect a miracle if your not going to do your homework on it. every miracle starts with you. what you expect from the product and how fast you want it to work, remember rome wasnt built in a day and to high of garcinia levels can actually give you migraines ect specially if the level of HCA is low and your not taking in higher levels of water and remaining active, so that means you just can’t lie around eating bon bons all day!

With that said, I have to say this is one of the better garcinia products that are highly effective in weight loss, I was not expecting a miracle at all even though i have done my homework and do remember weight loss Supplements mean in addition to a healthy diet and exercise and these products are amazing with a low card no red meat diet!With that said be your own judge and try them out for yourself each person is different so your results will be too but understand this if you are already skinny these are not for you to stay that way these are for people who have to and want to lose that 20-40lbs and are having trouble, like us mothers who have had children and can not lose that baby pouch.

Would i recommend this product? Yes this is the second garcinia product i would definitely recommend on my standards of high quality most definitely it has the high HCA the high energy and adds to my weight loss without going over board and without the headaches.

How should you start? well i would say buying two bottles and start on a chicken fish turkey diet for yourself lots of veggies tone down your pasta and sugar which are carbs and take this you will get the dramatic results. otherwise it will take a long long time. So remember in order to get any results in weight loss you need to do for you!

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