Warning! Fake Raspberry Ketone, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee, Yacon Extract Review Dr. Fraud!

Published on February 1, 2017

This Fake YouTube Weight Loss Doctor is giving fake reviews and recommendations about weight loss supplements in order to make money.

See my blog post here for full information:

Fake Doctors on YouTube Promoting Weight Loss Products Like Green Coffee Extract, Raspberry Ketone, Garcinia Cambogia, Whey Protein, Chia Seeds and HCG Injections.

There is 1 prolific so called fake “licensed physician” being featured heavily on YouTube and on Google, promoting weight loss products to people trying to lose weight.

This woman goes by:
– “Mary J Clifford”, who says she is from “The Kennedy Health Institute” in Washington
– “Jessica Moore” from “The Kennedy Health Institute in Washington”
– “Gina Parker” from the “Harold Institute” in Washington

What appears apparent to me is that the company behind these fake weight loss reviews are jumping on to the latest buzz weight loss supplements featured on The Dr Oz Show and then falsely claiming that they have personally seen people lose weight with that latest weight loss supplement in order to make money.

This is not to say that the diet supplements are ineffective in helping to lose weight, but to highlight how people are being totally misled by an American company that totally belittles “China” for misleading people and making low quality products, yet does even worse itself! The USA company behind these false YouTube weight loss videos is totally unethical and without any scruples!

In each video she states how other sellers of the same supplements mislead people…and how you can only get the true, pure non-misleading diet supplement at high prices from the websites she is promoting.

Mislead people? Are you having a laugh?? Isn’t that exactly what she is doing too?

Each YouTube video title also has an alarming word in the title to draw unwitting people in, such as:

“do not buy”,
“stay away”,
“side effects”,
“very important”

Here are some of the YouTube videos she appears in on YouTube as of 3 April 2014:

Garcinia Cambogia Extract Videos:

Raspberry Ketone Extract Videos:

Green Coffee Bean Extract Videos:

HCG Injections Video:

Chia Seeds Video:

Yacon Extract Videos:

Moringa Extract Video:

Whey Protein Video:

Some of the websites promoted:

The company behind these fake diet supplement reviews also uses other actors and actresses, and what they say is sometimes the same, word for word!

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